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Alexander Springs – Weekend Guide

Alexander Springs was my first adult camping trip.

It was the first blog on Weekend Wanderlust, and is still one of my favorite places to take a weekend vacation.

It’s time I tell you more about this gem of a spring located deep in the middle of the Ocala National Forest.

I decided to take another Spring Break this year with some close friends that were once strangers, that I met on this weirdly awesome social media space.

So we stuffed our bags and cars and set out for the sunshine state!

… at 3am, with zero sleep.

(oh, & my little sister somehow snuck in the car as well)

I'm super excited she tagged a long.

Although we have been to both the beach and the mountains of North Carolina together, this was our first time setting out on a long road trip out of state together.

Little did she (or my mom) know.. that we would actually be staying an extra week ;)

more on that later...

Ocala National Forest

If you’re going to visit Alexander Springs, I strongly suggest camping in the park to get the full experience.

However, you can pay for day access if you’re too boujee for that.

Tent Camping Florida

Make sure to arrive early – campsites fill up fast!

The double kayaks go fast as well! You can rent double, or single kayaks, as well as canoes. I strongly suggest partaking in either canoeing or kayaking down the river. Glide over the clear waters as you see fish swimming beneath you.

Also the best way to catch a tan (or sunburn) in the Florida sun.

Kayaking Alexander Springs

Alexander Springs really spoils you with the most picturesque campsites, equipped with a fire ring, a picnic table, and a grill – surrounded by beautiful palm trees. Plus, the bathhouses aren’t too bad either.

Yep – if you must shower, that is definitely an option.

Although there is only one temperature & an on button -it works.

You really can’t beat the deal for $23 a night.

Alexander Springs

Swimming in crystal blue waters, kayaking/canoeing, palm trees, camping …

okay, now I'm not sure if I’m describing Alexander Springs or just listing my favorite things at this point.

OH & did I mention – WE MET A MERMAID!

Several of Florida’s “mermaids” can be spotted at Alexander Springs (getting content for their Instagram and YouTube obviously). We saw at least 3 during our stay, but only spoke with one of them – Vero Beach Mermaid.

Vero Beach Mermaid

We also saw a couple of Alligators – which can be expected nearly anywhere in Florida, naturally.

All around Alexander Springs is great for a weekend getaway.

I will say, though, (for my fellow loud talkers, music lovers and partiers) that it is located in a national forest and is very family oriented. Just keep that in mind and be respectful.

There is no way to have a bad time surrounded by palm trees, near a gorgeous tropical natural spring.

I seriously suggest visiting some of Florida's springs. I have been to over 5 now and I plan to continue adding to that list and telling you guys all about these awesome places.

Have you ever been to a natural spring?

♥ Haley Jane

Natural Springs Florida


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