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Get outside this weekend!

Everyone wants a 9-5 .. until they get one.

During my first year of my corporate job, I traveled to a new loation every weekend.

I put a whole new meaning to "living for the weekend." I hated the thought of climbing the corporate ladder, doing the same thing 5 days a week, and waiting until retirement to do the things I wanted to do most.

I then found love in working and helping to grow a small business and became "too busy to travel" .. in an effort to get back to myself and into nature -- I have commited to re-launching this site and community. Let's get outside this weekend!!

Join me on my journey and feel free to leave any travel suggestions or comments.

Where to this weekend?

I personally find enjoyment most anywhere in nature. But out of the places I've been, my heart will always feel at most peace sitting by an ocean listening to the waves, feeling the wind threw my hair on top of a mountain, or kayaking through freshwater springs. Click below to learn more about some of my favorite places.

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