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I'm Haley.

For the past year I have traveled somewhere

new nearly every weekend. All while having a full-time job.

Going through school, I knew that I never wanted to get sucked into a 9-5, and always feared that I was wasting my time learning a bunch of information I would never use. (so I studied IT)

But after being kicked out of college 3 months away from graduation, I was determined to get my degree and a job in that field. So that's what I did. & I loved my job! & my coworkers!

but who really wants to sit at a desk every day until they die?!

My forced year off of school really opened my eyes to so many new things and gave me time to get to know myself and get a better idea of what I wanted to do. I enjoyed waking up in the morning, & having the freedom to create my own day, and to research and learn as much as I could about anything that interested me. I probably learned more during that year than my whole 4 of undergrad (I even became vegetarian). If I learned anything though, it was that I didn't want to get stuck in a corporate job, doing the same thing every day, and sitting at home resting on the weekends. (like I saw everyone else doing)

Without realizing it, I had been taking trips nearly every weekend since starting my job, and decided why not actually make this a thing.

I started this blog for myself, but I now want to share more than just my memories. I will be posting more "tips" and "tops" for you all that are interested in traveling yourself. 

Even if it's just for the weekend ;)


need a website, want to collab?

please feel free to contact me

Thanks! Message sent.

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My Mission :

The point of me creating this web page was not only to give myself a space to record my memories from my trips but I also aim to:

  • encourage others to get outdoors more

  • prove that you can travel every week on a very low budget

  • get people together for scheduled outdoor events

  • meet other travelers & like minded people

  • get suggestions on future places to visit

  • share my travel tips & things I've learned alng the way

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