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Haley is a passionate weekend travel blogger who combines her love for adventure and exploration with her remote work lifestyle. Hailing from a small town, Haley's curiosity and wanderlust have led her to discover hidden gems and vibrant cultures around the world. She believes that travel is not limited to long vacations, but can be experienced even during short getaways.

By day, Haley works as a dedicated remote employee for a small technology company, where she utilizes her expertise in mobile device management and telecommunications. Her ability to work remotely provides her the freedom and flexibility to embark on thrilling weekend adventures.

Haley's blog, aptly named "Weekend Wanderlust," chronicles her escapades and serves as a source of inspiration for fellow professionals looking to balance work and travel. Through vivid storytelling, captivating photography, and insightful travel tips, she aims to encourage others to step outside their comfort zones and make the most of their weekends.

Whether she's hiking through lush forests, exploring bustling city streets, or indulging in culinary delights, Haley's experiences are always rich in authenticity and cultural immersion. She has a keen eye for uncovering hidden local spots,  unique activities, and connecting with locals to create unforgettable memories.

Haley's dedication to sustainable and responsible travel is evident throughout her blog. She emphasizes the importance of minimizing the ecological footprint, supporting local businesses, and engaging in culturally sensitive practices. Through her platform, she aims to inspire her audience to travel responsibly and leave a positive impact on the communities they visit.

When she's not traversing the globe or working on her blog, you can find Haley seeking out new vegan food spots and reading self help books. She believes that every moment is an opportunity for discovery and growth, and she embraces each adventure with open arms and an open mind.

Join Haley on her journey as she proves that even with a full-time remote job, the world is yours to explore. Get ready to experience the thrill of weekend travel, gain valuable insights into remote work, and uncover the hidden treasures that await just beyond your doorstep.

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My Mission :

The point of me creating this web page was not only to give myself a space to record my memories from my trips but I also aim to:

  • encourage others to get outdoors more

  • prove that you can travel every week on a very low budget

  • get people together for scheduled outdoor events

  • meet other travelers & like minded people

  • get suggestions on future places to visit

  • share my travel tips & things I've learned alng the way

need a website, want to collab?

please feel free to contact me

Thanks! Message sent.

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