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Vegetarian State Fair Foods

For most, the State Fair is a time of year to indulge in giant turkey legs and bacon wrapped, deep- fried everything. You wouldn’t think there would be many options for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy, but you might just be surprised.

Keep in mind, vegetarian doesn’t always mean healthy

I was delighted to see that many food stands had at least one veggie option.

The typical falafel pita or gyro, grilled veggies, and delicious fresh cut French fries (fried in peanut oil).

But there was even a few vendors that were solely for FRIED VEGGIES!

My eyes lit up as I walked by, doing my first lap.

We all know you can’t decide what to eat on your first lap around.

Fried zucchini, fried mushrooms, fried broccoli, onions, pickles and green tomatoes.

Of course the state fair has no lack of anything fried.

I was like a little kid, geeking out over fried veggies.

TECHNICALLY - any of the fried candy bars are vegetarian & fried Oreos are even vegan ;) Like I said, vegetarian doesn’t always mean healthy; however, there are a few healthier options. Roasted corn! yummmm.

Did you really go to the fair if you didn’t get a roasted corn? You will see corn covered in everything from flaming hot Cheetos to bacon,

but you can definitely find somewhere to get a warm roasted corn with just butter

(or without, for my vegan friends). This was my first time attending the fair since I decided to no longer eat meat, and I wasn't too sure I would be able to find much to munch on.

I was, however, already looking forward to chocolate (+ caramel & nuts) dipped apples, and bananas.

That is normally my go to at events like this.

Now for the most obvious option.

The overpriced, super cute, fruit smoothie in a pineapple.

I mean.... how could I go without?!

Not a great smoothie, and I'm not even positive that they use real fruit.

But I just had to have it. Presentation marketing, nonetheless.

Thanks for reading about vegetarian fair foods.

I bet, like myself, you didn't realize there were so many options.

Comment below if you had any of these foods at the fair?

♥ Haley Jane


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