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Carolina Beach – North End vs South End

Oh, Carolina Beach. The closest thing to home (almost literally)

I have adventured to Carolina Beach with friends many of times over the years, as it is one of the quickest and easiest weekend getaways .. or perfect for just a day trip.

Head straight down I-40 or 421 until you can’t go any further 😉

about two hours from Raleigh

North vs South End - Carolina Beach

When visiting Carolina Beach, many people go straight to the boardwalk for all the shops, carnival rides, and the famous Brits Donuts; however, to me, to best parts of Carolina Beach are the North End and the South End

– aka Freeman Park and Fort Fisher State Park.

Britts Donut Shop

If you don’t know about either of these places, you are truly missing out! So let me tell you 😊

Fort Fisher State Park

The North End

The North End of Carolina Beach or Freeman Park, is a 4WD beach that is perfect to pull up

with your friends, family and dogs and hangout by the ocean while having the convenience of your vehicle right there.

Keep your cooler out of the sun, turn on the radio, and kick up your feet to the sound of the ocean.

The best part of Freeman Park- your day pass will last until 10 am the next morning,

so go ahead and pitch a tent and relax for the evening. Or make a bed in the back of your SUV, ya know.. whatever works.

Keep in mind that you are beach front so it may be a bit windy.

And make sure to bring longer stakes for the soft sand if you plan to camp.

Freeman Park
4x4 Beach

Make sure to wake up for sunrise, I promise you wont regret it.

There is truly nothing like watching the sun climb into the sky from over the ocean.

The South End

Fort Fischer State Park, located at the very southern tip of the Carolina Beach coast (past the aquarium) is one of the neatest places to explore. Learn some history of the civil war or walk the sea wall across the ocean to Zeke’s island.

Sea Wall
Ft Fisher

If you want to reach Zeke’s island, make sure you check the tide, as the sea wall will be

covered by water in certain areas during different times of the day. And be careful!

As the rocks have collected 140 years of slippery algae, and have been broken up over time.

(saying this because, yes, I fell and busted both of my knees open here)

NC State Park

What’s in between?

You can drive from the North to the South end in about 10 minutes; however,

many may not know that there are actually some pretty cool things between the two as well. Including TWO OTHER BEACHES!

I will write all about the other beaches and many things to do along the Carolina Beach coast

in my upcoming Carolina Beach Weekend Guide.

Which would you prefer? The North or The South end ?

♥ Haley Jane

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