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Winter Beach Camping Tips

disclaimer : this post contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you are to purchase through my links, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

To me, there’s never an off season for the beach .. or camping. I’ll find a way to make it work in any weather!

Let me give you some TIPS for winter beach camping .. since you always make an excuse not to go. & no matter the season, being prepared will make any camping experience more enjoyable.

Side note : I often prefer “off season” because there are way less people 😉

Winter Beach Camping Tips

Thermals! - Probably the most essential thing, I don’t leave the house without thermals in the winter (by winter I mean under 50 degrees). But in general, as for any cold weather camping, wear layers & be prepared. Don’t wait until you are cold to get warm .. I learned the hard way last year at Harker's Island and ended up getting sick from what I thought was “getting used to” the cold.

Firewood – Gathering wood is a bit more difficult on the beach than in the woods, if not impossible (depending on the beach). & everyone knows you cant camp without a fire.. especially in the winter! So bring plenty of firewood. They sell it at most gas stations and grocery stores during the winter months.

Warm Food – Obviously you’re gonna need to eat. Eating warmer foods will help to keep your body warm. I like to keep things simple and bring things to cook on the fire like soup, chili, etc. (Beginner tip: anything canned can be cooked/heated up simply by cracking the lid, placing it near the fire and waiting til you hear that nice bubble boiling sound). If you don’t have a camp stove, jet boil, or a way to heat your food, cooking on the fire is great.

An SUV/Van -although I love sleeping in a tent, and have done it both in the winter and on the beach … would recommend making a warm, comfy pallet in the back of an SUV or Van vs. fighting the beach winds in the winter. Esp. if you’re not accustomed to camping. Car camping can be a great compromise.

Make sure you have 4 wheel drive … & know how to turn it on. Unlike myself, who ended up getting stuck during my first experience and having to flag someone down in the middle of the night … only to look like an idiot and find out that I didn’t even have the 4x4 turned on.

bonus tip : bring your pet for added body heat :)

North Carolina is a great place for camping year round. (I mean.. not as great as Florida but..)

Click here ,or check my beach blogs for some great location options. GocampingAmerica has also got some great ideas!

Are you gonna get your ass outside this winter!?

♥ Haley Jane

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