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Top 10 (travel related) Christmas Gifts

disclaimer : this post contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you are to purchase through my links, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


You want to know my greatest present this Christmas?

Being Present

Of all the wonderful things I received, the opportunity of being present with friends and family was truly the greatest gift.

(scroll to bottom for actual gifts)

Much of my life until recently has been spent at school, work, traveling, sports, etc. This holiday season I gifted myself the goal of spending less time on my phone and laptop, and spending more time focusing on those that I love, including myself.

As I have spoke about in a previous life update and many times before, it is so important (for me) to just slow down & ask yourself what you truly want. And as that may change momentarily, I refuse to get caught in a cycle of missing out on life.

Maybe the feeling comes from the loss of close ones, or maybe it is simply from getting older.

We miss out on so much time spent with friends and family due to various circumstances, or even by being in the room with them but not truly being present. (i.e. on our phones .. I’m guilty). As I have been and plan to travel more, much of that weekend time with loved ones is missed. The holiday season is such a great time, when (most) everyone can catch a break in their busy (work) life.

Although I have been distant from social media and blogging, I truly treasure the time spent with my friends and family, and focusing on myself and wouldn’t change it for any amount of followers, comments or likes.

As I am selling most things in my closet in an effort to become more minimalistic, reduce my footprint, and travel more, I was very thoughtful when asked what I wanted for Christmas (as we do Secret Santa on both sides of my family). & I must give a special shout out to my mom, who still does "Santa" and spoils the hell out of me at 24. She’s the best!

I am not sharing this to boast or brag. I feel that a lot of these items would help many with their travels or knowing what to get someone who is interested in traveling, minimalism, natural products, camping, etc.

Now, in no certain order-

My Top 10 (travel related) Christmas Gifts

click on the images or links to purchase like items

Disclaimer : these are affiliate links. Meaning, if you were to purchase, I would make a small commission at zero cost to you.

Camp Stove – About to take my camp cooking to a whole new level. Not that I don’t love cooking over an open fire, but I have some exciting things coming that may need this 😉 Click here to purchase.

Laptop – I truly feel like my creativity has been held back by not having the proper tools to express myself. I cannot wait for what is to come and to include you all more in my life. Maybe not technically “travel related,” but definitely relevant to my travels (and this blog.)


50 (+5) L backpack – For more overnight hiking adventures. I cant wait! Or to just have one bag that can fit EVERYTHING for a long trip. Link for purchase.

A headlamp – how have I lived so long without one of these? Seriously one of mans greatest creations. No more using my cell phone light down the trail at night! Get yours here.

Bamboo Cutlery – ditch the plastic ware! Did you know EVERY piece of plastic ever made will ALWAYS be on this Earth. There is no way to get rid of it or decompose it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to contribute to that in any way. My cousin got me this awesome Bamboo Cutlery in a travel case that was made from a recycled water bottle. Now I can reuse these over and over on my trips. Click here to purchase.

Pouch Couch – seen on my Instagram and Snapchat, and recommended from my friend Emily. These things are so awesome, and comfortable! You can sit by the fire, or float down the river - yes, it floats! I’ve already figured out a way to cheat the no wind thing. I’ll fill you guys in later :p Click here to purchase.

Battery Powered Lanterns and Pixie Lights – camping NECESSITY ! so so excited. Camping bout to be LIT ! (get it.. ok , I’m lame)

Waterproof Bag – super great idea from my cousin Meredith ! I can see this coming in handy during a float down the river, or for extra security for electronics. Purchase here.

Essential Oils – I use these (almost) daily for so many things. Shout out to my aunt Kim! I only use pure, organic oils. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do a post on essential oil uses and benefits. Again, not necessarily travel related, but RELEVANT! Link here

Halo !! – A serious travel necessity! This thing is an all in one, genius! It charges your phone and camera through a USB outlet, it will charge your laptop or power your straightener with an AC outlet, it even jump starts your freaking car! And has a super bright LED light. What doesn’t this thing do?! I had the previous model without the AC outlet, and I’m super excited for the upgrade. (& to be able to style my hair in the woods, or wherever) Click here to purchase.

I am extremely grateful for each of my gifts. Although the greatest is the family and friends that God has chosen me to be a part of.

Now that I've got the gear, lets plan some trips!

Thank you so much for reading,

♥ Haley Jane

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