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Top 5 Reasons You Should Travel More

As if you need any more convincing, I’ve decided to list the top reasons, (in my opinion) for traveling.

I also included some cool images I found on the internet ;) for extra inspiration

I'm at a point where I feel like "why not?" Why not now? I have no ties to any place or human (other than my family).

I have lost many loved ones too soon (including my father) which helped me to realize the shortness of life, as well as my lack of dependence.

The day after I got my license, I drove 3 hours to Emerald Isle and spent 7 days there. Since then, you will hardly catch my car parked or my bags empty. Throughout High School & college, I often took trips... I'm talkin' a 2 hour drive to party with strangers. There's just something about being outside of my comfort zone, experiencing something completely new that genuinely makes me feel ALIVE.

1. You aren’t getting any younger

I know that there will be a time when I am unable to hike to the top of the mountain (hell, I can barely do it now).

I know that I will one day have a family and a career, and will not be able to just plan, pack, and go as I please.

At the campgrounds, there is often elderly people, with really nice RV’s. That seems to be the retirement goal….

To kick back and travel the world. but WHY WAIT?! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see it while

I am still blessed with enough energy and health to do the things I want to do.

& if its anything like my latest adventure, which ended with both knees busted open… that’s not something I want to do at an older age.

But man, I would have hated to miss out on the opportunity I had to hike the Sea Wall,

and I’ll have these scars and stories to talk about when I’m older, instead of waiting on retirement.

Either way, we are not promised old age. We are not even promised tomorrow.

I want to spend TODAY and all of my days actually enjoying life.

2. Your hometown will still be there

I promise you! And those same friends that go to work daily… will be happy to hear about your experience.

(or maybe they will come with you, eh?)

Your family: they will be there when you get back. They will miss you.

And they will love to see your photos and hear all of your stories.

I know right. Who am I to talk?… 24 years old, still living at my moms lol.

I’m never home though, that’s the thing. I don’t see a point in putting my money into a small square with a roof (apartment).

Basically paying someone else’s bills -- just to have a place to lay my head SOME nights.

* Which is why I’m saving up to buy a camper or van.. but that’s a story for another day*

3. This Earth was meant to explore!

God didn’t put all this beauty here for himself. He gave us senses

so that we can experience the sights, the smells, and allllll the feels that you get when you go outside.

Travel can be anything. Whether you are going a long distance to sit on a beach or a mountain,

or even your local lake. It just feels so good to escape, and be in the sun!

Seriously, I encourage you to take some time today… just sit outdoors.

Away from your phone (unless you're using it to set the vibe with some tunes).. just sit there.

Observe and listen to your surroundings. Take it all in and be thankful! Thankful that you CAN.

4. You learn more through experience

In the year after I got kicked out of college, I swear I learned more than all 18 years of formal education.

When you take time to learn things YOU want to (or need to) it is honestly a WHOLE different world. Imagine the difference in actually going to a foreign country and indulging into their culture, trying to learn their standards, and mingling with their people; compared to reading about what happened in that country 2398593 years ago (History is still relevant and important .. but I’m just sayin’).

Which sounds more like “learning” to you?

When you sit outside and distance yourself from people and technology your mind has a space and time to wonder.

YOU get to decide what to think. You get to decide how to feel. You have time to reflect on things, and make rational decisions.

5. If money is the problem – THAT IS NO EXCUSE

So What if I live at my moms when I'm home.

I'm not there much!

& I'm super grateful to have the opportunity to store my things there and lay my head (& maybe a free meal ;) ) when need be.

I do what I can to save money for my weekend trips. For me, I’d rather spend my hard earned money on experiences. I used to work at the mall, and I never completed a shift without purchasing something. Now I have a closet full clothes I never wear and shoe boxes stacked taller than me with shoes that have never seen the light of day.

(which is why I'm selling most of that stuff to fund my travels )

Do local adventures, short trips, or camp to save money.

Those are the first options that pop into my head when trying to cut costs.

Your nearest lake or river probably rents canoes and kayaks for under $10 an hour. Lake Johnson, in Raleigh NC or Bass Lake in Holly Springs are a couple of my go-to’s for a cheap day trip. Or even Hanging Rock or Raven Rock, which are completely FREE !

I guarantee there is a neat place near your own home that you have no idea about.


What are your plans this weekend?!

I leave for the Florida Keys in less than a week ! (eeekkk)

♥ Haley Jane

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