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Hanging Rock State Park Day Trip

I usually hate repeating destinations – but I had to have redemption on the view at hanging rock.

If you read my last hanging rock post you will see how foggy it was.

You literally could see NOTHING! Though it was a good time and a great experience,

I needed to see it on a clear day. Plus, there were tons of other trails we hadn’t went on yet.

Being that the super bowl was this past weekend and we needed some work done to our cars,

we opted for a day trip on Saturday (while my car was in the shop).

Which is also another reason we chose hanging rock – it’s only a 2.5 hour drive away.

I’m not sure if it was lack of preparation, lack of time, or just being overwhelmed with nature’s beauty ..

We didn’t even take out the GoPro the whole trip. In my defense, I didn’t know we had the charger lol.

So all of these photos are from our iPhone’. They are also mostly RAW with no filter or edits,

other than maybe a little brightness and contrast adjustment.

At first I just wanted to do the trail to the top and call it a day.

I mean, we still had to get back in time to get my car from the shop before they closed

(idk why we thought that would be manageable).

With the determination of my boyfriend – he arranged to have my car picked up and

insisted on going on two other trails (The upper and lower Cascades) to see some waterfalls.

Since we had seen a few waterfalls last time, I was kind of whatever about the whole thing,

just ready to get the hiking part over with and relax in the hammock - but MAN am I glad we went on these trails.

We went to the upper and lower cascades.

One of the trails is accessible from the main visitors parking lot,

the start of the other trail was just a short drive down the road.

Both trails were less than a mile, and not very tough at all – minus all the stairs.

The coolest thing about the waterfalls, to me, was that some of the water was actually frozen.

Yes, it was that cold out! Lol. Other than that, I was honestly amazed at the beauty that could be found,

only a short 5 minute “hike” from the road. I will DEFF be coming back

here in the summer – with friends, a cooler, and floats.

When we got to the second waterfall, there was a

family there having a picnic (they had the right idea!)

I don’t know how we looked past it last time.. then again,

we would have looked past it again this time,

had we not seen someone getting stuck trying to crawl out.

But right at the top of the hanging rock trail there is a little cave.

With only enough room for 2-3 people, this cave is the perfect little hide away

(to break the wind.. or whatever). There are all types of messages written inside of the cave –

which reminds me that we need to put a marker in our travel bag,

to start signing our names at places that we go.

After all the waterfall, cave and photo taking excitement, we had to hurry and find

a place to set up the hammock before the sunset. There weren’t that many trees to choose from –

especially away from people (which I wanted). I completely forgot how to tie

the “hammock knot” I was so excited for, and ended up just rigging it together

whatever way I could – really safe for the side of a mountain, I know.

I think we choose a great spot, and I was able to get a few photos before the sun crept behind the hills.

Although by the time I actually sat in the hammock, it was almost dark and we still had to hike back.

Good thing something told me to check the time,

it was nearing 6 and the gates to the park close at 7!

We almost got locked in the park – and didn’t bring the tent this trip.

The sunset was SO worth the walk back in the dark!

I must note - you can hide being out of shape in clothes, you can sometimes even hide

being out of shape without clothes – but you canNOT hide being out of shape during a hike.

In my defense, it is a lot harder to breathe in colder weather, especially at higher elevations –

but let’s be real, I need to get my ass in the gym. I just feel like I would have a lot more fun on my trips if

A. I wasn’t out of breath/dying on the hikes,

and B. If I didn’t have to worry about looking fat in pictures.

Hanging Rock is deff one of my new go-to's for day trips.

This weekend, though it was a cold one, was sunny and nice. I cant wait for spring!!

what are your favorite day trips?

♥ Haley

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