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Taking time off ..

It's okay to pull back. It's okay to re-center. It's okay to take time to figure it out.

I haven't stopped writing. I haven't stopped adventuring. I haven't stopped taking photos.

However, I have taken a rather large break in sharing it all.

I’ve seemed more distant over these past few months..

keeping a lot more to myself.

Maybe out of : uncertainty, lack of inspiration or motivation, stillness, busyness, procrastination, planning ..

Whatever the underlying reasoning may be – it happened

I used to hate being alone and do whatever I could to stay busy as much as possible.

Not much of my time has ever been spent sitting at home, to be honest.. ask my mom!

As I grow older, the introverted parts of me long to recharge.

I crave isolation like never before.

I love sharing my life. I love inspiring others to be more adventurous. I love connecting.

I just haven’t felt that way lately.

Last year, when I started Weekend Wanderlust, I had a full time job mon-fri and traveled every weekend. It was a great balance for me. Until it wasn’t. I wanted to adventure full time and try to figure out a way to work when I needed to.

I’m still figuring this whole thing out!

Since I have been unemployed, I have been struggling to get back to a work/play balance.

Because life should be fun all of the time, right?!

Things are a lot different with no time schedule. Ask any entrepreneur!

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If not now - when?

I didn’t do much traveling in April or May – then was gone on vacation the whole month of June.

I needed this time for myself… whether I knew it or not.

Without realizing it … all of a sudden it has been over 3 months since posting a blog!

I’ve also fallen back from sharing as regularly on Instagram & Snapchat.

I blamed it on trying to grow my personal ig, or not traveling as much. But the reality is – I just haven’t been committed to it.

I haven’t been committed to myself. I’ve just been letting the days go by.

I want to get back to myself. I want to get back to planned traveling. I want to get back to sharing with you all.

I need to get outside. Let’s plan some trips!

♥ Haley Jane

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