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Why everyone needs a Spring Break

Has life been overwhelming lately? Things have just been so stressful. Nothing seems to be going as planned. You can’t seem to get ahead. Feeling as if you just need a break from everything?

Don’t you wish your job offered Spring Break like back in high school or college?

Well it should.

And it can.

It’s up to you really.

Everything is.

If you feel like you need a break. Take one.

Spring Break Forever

I’m not telling you to just drop everything and run to the beach (although that’s not a bad option)

But why not schedule some time off? For you! For your health. For your pleasure.

Stop trading your time for incomparable amounts money. Money is subjective.

Time is the only thing that you can never earn back. Use it wisely. Spend it with purpose.

If you’ve been working your ass off doing everything you can to live your most secure and productive life …

give yourself a break.

A SPRING BREAK! Any freaking break.

Whether it’s a trip to Alexander or Ginnie Springs in the spring … or a random mid year weekend getaway. Just go!

That location you can’t stop thinking about (and searching on google)….

Cash in your change jar, overpack your suitcase, and get your ass there.

If you spend your whole life waiting on something, you’ll be waiting forever.

People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, and all life for happiness.

Stop f*cking waiting. And just do!

Request the time off. Schedule the flight. Book the Airbnb or hotel. Go!

(you can even get $30 off your first Airbnb stay with my discount link)

Are you done making excuses?

With that being said … I’m currently driving down to Florida with less than $200 to spend ..

Because I need a damn break

Stay tuned to my Instagram stories to see more from this awesome makeshift adulthood spring break

Spring Break Florida

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