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The First Month of "Unemployment"

Hi guys!

I’ve been pretty absent from social media lately. & I haven’t blogged in a while.

I like to think of this phase of my life as a “Detox from a Desk Job”

So what have I been doing over the past month.. Since being "unemployed" ??

Well .. I thought about packing a bag and just running away... but logically I had some things to figure out first..


For the better part of the first week, I woke up early, set a strict schedule, searched and applied for several free-lance and remote jobs, etc…

THEN I decided to really take some time for myself, to catch up with friends, sleep in, workout,

read whatever I wanted (anything but emails), sit in the sun, play with my dogs, and just feel grateful to be alive.

I also:

- Made my bed EVERY morning (is this adulting?)

- Swept and mopped the floors every day (because Dogs)

- Meal prepped for my mom and I

(mostly for her, b/c I was home to actually fix most of my meals.. I'm actually getting good at cutting carrots)

- Unpacked from several weekend trips (That’s where all my summer clothes were..)

- Caught up on months of Laundry

- Started to separate my clothes that I no longer need into bags (soon to be selling & giving away)

- Went out in the city (Raleigh and Charlotte)

- Went to Charlotte 3 times (PRIDE, a girls weekend, etc)

- Hiked Crowders Mountain

- Hiked at Raven Rock

- Went to the gym (I even did 5 days consecutively.. wow who am I)

- I also spent 5 consecutive days (mostly) without talking to or seeing anyone (ahhh .. solitude)

- Camped at Jordan Lake (my first all-girl camping trip. Just my friend Emily & I)

- Took my little sister to the beach .. and the river. (shes finally getting old enough to be able to go places with me)

- Went to SparkCon (super cool art festival)

- Figured out how to install serpentine and AC belts ALL BY MYSELF (well .. with a little help)

- Decided on a temporary build for car camping in the Tahoe (getting closer to getting on the road)

- Worked on getting used to setting my alarm clock for “whenever I wanted” (still needs practice)

I wouldn't have been able to do half of these things had I been stuck sitting at a desk all day.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to hear more about any of these things.

i.e. Hiking at Crowders Mountain or Camping at Jordan Lake. Thanks!

♥ Haley Jane

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