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The Next, Solo chapter of Weekend Wanderlust

When life throws you hardships, you basically have two options:

1. Let it get you down, until you eventually decide not to be upset anymore

2. Use it as motivation; learn the lesson presented; do better!

If you’ve know me any longer than 10 minutes, you probably have a good idea that my life, like everyone else’s, is FULL of obstacles.

That's what life is though (in my opinion), a series of challenges and lessons.

If you know or have been following me for a number of years, you have probably noticed my outlook shift from very pessimistic and negative to (mostly) optimistic and seeing the good in the bad.

It’s literally the best thing to ever happen to my life.

The realization that you control your thoughts turned my whole life around.

Reading The Secret, You are a Badass, and Think and Grow Rich strongly contributed to this shift.

click the links above for my fav. way to process the books (audio, or video)

(If you purchase these books (or anything) through my amazon links, I make a small percentage of commission at no cost to you)

Now lets get to the point ….

Over the past 7-8 months, I have been travelling every weekend with my now ex-boyfriend. To say it has been a blast is such an understatement. I have learned so much about life, love, relationships, friendships, sacrifices, conformity, complacency, and myself.

At the time we met, I was not looking for a relationship and had just began my travelling journey. I had recently drove 10 hours alone down to Florida for a week. Which, is when, after years of wanderlusting (is that a thing?), I literally decided, “I’m doing this!!” A week after he & I met, I actually went on my first and only trip to NYC, with my best friend. I just knew that was going to be the start of my blog and YouTube channel – until I broke my phone within minutes of returning home, to lose ALL of my footage (things that happen to me).

Shortly after I returned, we planned our first trip together as a couple – to Chimney Rock, NC. This trip is really what started Weekend Wanderlust. Leaving work early on Friday, driving 4 hours into the mountains, waking up to hike to the summit. Figuring out a new place and a new person – it just felt so right. (plus he climbed down the side of the mountain to retrieve my phone after I dropped it.. so I had to keep him around at least a little while lol) I was excited to find someone that would pack up a bag and just go, like I enjoy doing.

Had I not been in that relationship- would I have traveled as often? Would I have started Weekend Wanderlust?

Would I be this ambitious to (re) find/create myself? – who knows?!

To say the least, it ended unexpectedly and painfully. We had spent nearly every moment we weren’t working together for almost a year, and to now be alone, and still wanting to do all of the fun things we had been doing together is tough. The thought of having to start over and do this on my own, after giving that relationship my all (and failing) was such a dose of reality.

I’ve been through breakups before, I know I will get over this. But man- right here, right now, this one still kind of hurts. It hurts in a good way though. Like the soreness the next morning after working out. Like it was tough, but you know you put effort into it, and now its over; but it was good, and you grew stronger.


I am honestly so excited for this new “chapter” “phase” whatever you want to call it. I learned the MOST about life and myself after the breakup of a 4-year toxic relationship that nearly ruined my life. I have never really been favorable of ‘alone time’ (mostly because I go crazy in thought) but the older I get the more I find it completely and utterly necessary.

I can’t wait to figure everything out on my own. It’s so awesome to be able to make decisions without trying to please anyone else. Purely doing things for YOU. Because you want to!

What is the last decision you truly made for yourself?

Have you ever traveled alone?

This is my first non-travel related post (well.. sort of). This is my first time sharing my personal, relationship business on the internet with you trolls.

I have continuous pages, documents, and notes saved - detailing my thoughts during tough times. I usually write this type of stuff out and it just sits there. it feels good to get it on paper and out of my head. This time, I decided to be vulnerable and share with you guys.

Afterall, this is all a part of my journey. I hope you enjoy following along. I love you guys.

♥ Haley Jane

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